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Ko Shin Moon - Dari Dari feat. Mélina Vlachos

Dari Dari" by Ko Shin Moon feat. Mélina Vlachos
Starring Mélina Vlachos, Gio Ventura, Axel Moon, Niko Shin
Directed by Roxanne GAUCHERAND
Produced by Sourdoreille Production & Total Totem

1st Assistant Director : Maxime MUDJEREDIAN
Producer : Sami BATTIKH
Head of administration : Cécile BERETTA
Assistant administration : Maxence POMMIER
Head of Production : Antoine BUHOT
Production assistant : Lucas SALERNO
Director of Photography : Raimon GAFFIER
1st Assistant Camera : Aloïse GOUPIL TIERS
2nd Assistant Camera : Margot HALIMI-DUROY
Costume Design : Virginie CHARMET
Makeup & Hair : Priscilla MONCEY
Decoration : Marc PUJOL
Assistant Decoration : Raffik HADDAD
Tracking VFX : Tristan BRÜNDLER
Color Grading : François DUBOIS
Post-production : Thibaut GARCIA
Technical manager : Riccardo ZAMBIANCHI
Production (Total Totem Records) : Aura BURZYNSKI
Much love & many thanks to Bulle Meignan and Deli Teli
‘DARI DARI’ by Ko Shin Moon with Mélina Vlachos
Mixed by Paul-Edouard Laurendeau
Mastered by La Villa Mastering Studio
Produced by Total Totem
Avec le soutien du CNC - Centre national du cinéma et de l’image animée.
N° ISAN 0000-0006-55D6-0000-O-0000-0000-2
© Sourdoreille Production & & Total Totem - 2022

Ko Shin Moon feat Cem Köklükaya - Eski Dostum

🪐 "Eski Dostum" by Ko Shin Moon with Cem Köklükaya
➡ Stream / Buy: https://bfan.link/eski-dostum
Starring: Niko Shin, Axel Moon, Cem Köklükaya
Directed by Axel Moon
Analog video art by Ellie Pritts
Edited by Axel Moon
Shot by İşler Prodüksiyon, Burak Serkan Çetinkaya, Mert Kaplan in Istanbul
Mixed by Paul-Edouard Laurendeau
Produced by Total Totem

Ko Shin Moon feat Ahmed El Khateeb & Samah Boulmona — Live at Grand Sofar Hotel

Mily Ya Ghossoun Live at Grand Sofar Hotel

Composer: Rahbani Brothers
Arrangers: Ko Shin Moon
Musicians: Ko Shin Moon, Ahmed El Khateeb, Samah Boulmona
Sound: Florian Tirot
Producer: Total Totem records
Director: Gabriel Haddad
Second camera: Yara Choueiter
Artistic direction: Gabriel Haddad, Mahalla

With the support of Radio Alhara, Institut français du Liban & Institut français

Al Ghali Feat. Sara El Rawy - Official Videoclip

🪐 Videoclip by Ko Shin Moon
💃 Dance by Kif Kif Bledi
Shot by David Levy and Bulle Meignan
Make-up by Clementine Roy
Kif Kif Bledi Dancers: Hanane, Hind, Karolina Irena, Tania, Zaïra, Raïssa Leï
Arghul player: Amin Shahine


"Antelias" is the first single of Ko Shin Moon's new album "MINIATURE#1", out December 10.
Antelias is the city of birth of Elias Rahbani, this song was composed as a tribute to him and his music.
Artwork and animation by Ardneks

Bint el shalabiya بنت الشلبية - Studio live session

Shoot live at home
Played on Oud
Synths: Farfisa Bravo
Drum Machine: Tr 77
Video mixed by Valerian 7000

Mily ya Ghoussoun el Achjar - ميلي يا غصون - Studio live session

Shoot live at home
Live song based on Mily ya Ghoussoun el Achjar - ميلي يا غصون الأشجار written by th eRahbani Brothers, sang by Fairuz, and played by Matar Mohamed.
Axel Moon on Electric Baglama
Niko Shin on Synths: Six Trak, SH 101, Mini Moog
Synths Trigged: Behringer Model D, Mam, Tetra
Video mixed by Valerian 7000

Piloo - Studio live session

Shoot live at home
Based on Raga Piloo
Played on Afghani Rubab
Synths: Six Trak, SH 101, Mini Moog, Juno 106
Video mixed by Valerian 7000

Gabbar Singh - Official Videoclip

Directed by Cédric Dupire

Über Çiftetelli - Official Videoclip

Directed by Juliette Hourçourigaray
Camera : Magali Leclercq – Juliette Hourçourigaray
Editor & special effects by Martin Jay

Artwork by Colin Ponthot

-- A very special thanks to --
Barlok - Mona Briko & Flaurein Flo, Patrick Blanc, Eva Branellec, Isabelle Brejeaud, Steven Cayrasso, Annabelle Czyz, Sophie Czyz, Edouard Degay-Delpeuch, Bernard Degay, Francette Delpeuch, Anna Dupont, Marion Géry, Mathieu Giraud, Emile Heidsieck, Sylvain Huguet, Magali Leclercq, Damien L’Herbon de Lussats, Bulle Meignan, Jean des Ocres, Colin Ponthot, Elise Ponthot, Chloé Ponthot, Jean-Paul Ponthot, Sophie Prieur, Victor Rémi, Salwa, Domaine de Sulauze - Guillaume & Carina Lefèvre & Ulule contributors.